James M. Wetherbee

411 Victoria Avenue

Monroe, NC 28112


Phone: 704.233.8092

Nickname: jimm



Library Journal

    • Reviewer. (2011-present)
    • Spirituality and Religion Columnist (2016-2018)

From 2011 to 2015 and from 2019 to the present am a reviewer for Spirituality and Religion and have been a reviewer for Philosophy from 2012 to the present. Reviewers are assigned a title by their respective editors for a particular issue. There is no set number of reviews for a given year.

Until the column was cut in 2018, I selected from titles sent by Library Journal''s Spirituality and Religion's editor to be reviewed. I contributed about a half-dozen reviews per column. Column appeared five times a year.


Wingate University

Wingate, NC 28174-0219

Assistant Director for Information Security and Library Systems Administrator. (2020-present)

Reflects a sift from network administration to user management, information security policy development and enforcement, coordinating information technology security activities, and security monitoring. This still includes responsibility for maintaining Active Directory and the integrated library system (III's Sierra) and and some reference duties and collection development responsibilities.

Network and Library Systems Administrator. (2011-2020)

Reflects an organization change in that I now report to the Director of IT rather than the Library Director. Responsibility for maintaining the integrated library system (III's Sierra) and library network, campus-wide network, Active Directory accounts, library accounts, assisting the Director of Instructional Design with the University's course management system (Canvas), network postmaster, maintenance of library computers and peripherals, implementation of new technologies, and some reference duties and collection development responsibilities.

    • Activities for 2020
      • Submitted ITS security policies to the CIO for publication to the Univesity
    • Activities for 2019
      • Continued to develop ITS security polices and procedures.
      • Developed an Access Control library for the University.
      • Improved the procedure for creating accounts for incoming students.
      • Expanded the use of SSO
    • Activities for 2018
      • Began the process of documenting IT policies and procedures
      • Decommissioned the University's three Wordpress sites as they moved to FinalSite (main website and IT) and Springshare (library)
      • Added quarantine rules for e-mail.
      • Added security monitoring responsibilities with the use of Akamai.
      • Migrated department shares from a local file server to Google Team Drives
      • Assigned department level Google Groups to Team Drives
    • Activities for 2017
      • Project Manager for migration from the Voyager ILS to Sierra
      • Migrated Faculty file shares from local server to Google Drive
      • Assisting in the migration from Moodle to Canvas, including
        • Establishing an SSO connection
        • Establishing a plan to migrate courses from Moodle to Canvas
      • Assisted the Director of Administrative Computing in the authentication piece of migrating EMS to the cloud.
      • Established SSO configurations for
        • Career Services (Purple Briefcase)
        • Tutor Scheduling Site (RedRock)
        • Residence Life (Adirondack)
        • Library ILS (Sierra)
    • Activities for 2016
      • Moved SP's associated with SimpleSAMLphp to AD/FS and so consolicated the Univesity's SSO implentation
      • Merged two file servers, one designed for departments and the other for individuals
      • Enabled Workfolders
      • Moved the Library and IT Wordpress sites to WPEngine and updated the themes
      • Created Firefox and Google Chrome GPO's for computer lab OU's
      • Edited a training video for AD Self Service
      • Setup SSL and the SSO for the implementation of Terra Dotta
      • Setup authentication for local implementation of CashNET (HigherOne)
      • Setup SSL and SSO for the implementation of Fusion (Innosoft)
      • Updated DirSync to Azure AD Sync
      • Worked to have the Security Group structure in AD better match the new University Organizational Structure
    • Activities for 2015
      • Consolidated AD structure
      • Implemented AD Self Service
      • Assisted in implementing Office 365
      • Voyager Upgrade
      • Assisted with the consolidation of the data center
      • Consolidated servers
      • Assisted with a pilot project with NCLIVE to test the feasibility of them hosting EZProxy
      • Extended single sign-on to EMS
    • Activities for 2014
      • Revised the Help Desk
      • Migrated the main file server
      • Deployed the staff file server
    • Activities for 2013
      • Single Sign-on for Campus Network, WingateApps, PowerCampus, OrgSync, and Pharos360 accounts
      • Assisted with upgrade of PowerCampus/WinLINK/myGate Portal
      • Created New myGate/IT website
      • Created a Help Desk website
      • Moodle Upgrade
      • Voyager Upgrade
      • Moved from Voyager Media Module to Voyager Short Loans
      • Migrated DNS to MCNC
      • Assisted with migrating to a campus-wide network printing system
    • Activities for 2012
      • Created a campus-wide backup strategy
      • Refreshed Moodle
      • Added an online Help Desk
    • Activities for 2011
      • Enhanced the Online Catalog to send SMS text messages for a book's call number and title.
      • Added a mobile skin to the library website

Information Systems Librarian. (1998-2010)

Responsibility for maintaining the EKSplorer (Ex Libris) integrated library system and library network, assisting the Director of IT in network administration for the Wingate University campus-wide network and University course management system (Moodle), network postmaster, library webmaster (including the design and upkeep of the Wingate University Library web-site), training, maintenance of library computers and peripherals, implementation of new technologies, and some reference duties and collection development responsibilities.

    • Activities for 2010:
      • Added spellcheck to Voyager
      • Added a mobile skin to Voyager
      • Streamlined the process of adding patrons to Voyager via PowerCampus
      • Streamlined the process of transferring fines and fees to the Bursar's Office
      • Moved the IT pages from the University Website to PowerCampus Portal (myGate)
      • Moved the LIbrary Portal from Sharepoint to Google Sites
    • Activities for 2009:
        • Upgraded the online catalog to Voyager 7.1.
        • Move the list of locally held periodicals from static HTML pages to a MySQL database visible via PHP pages.
        • Routed all database traffic through EZProxy and so enhancing our data collecting capacities
        • Changed IM-based Reference from Moodle to Meebo.
        • Implemented Wordpress on the Library web site.
        • Took advantage of the RSS capabilities of Wordpress and made the library homepage a dynamic PHP page.
    • Activities for 2008
        • Added Netlibrary records to the online catalog.
        • Replaced all NCLive@Home access with EZProxy.
        • Finished a refresh of the library web site.
        • Implemented a plan of distributed editing using Adobe Contribute.
    • Activities for 2007
        • Upgraded the OPAC stations to Linux-based thin clients
        • Upgraded the Library computer lab to use ultra-small form factor computers.
        • Upgraded online catalog to Voyager 6.2 (including a hardware upgrade)
        • Revamped the library's list of annotated list of web sites.
    • Activities for 2006
        • Assisted in the upgrade of the new OPAC/BI area in Reference.
        • Added a book review section to the library web site.
        • Added in-house RSS feeds to the library web site.
        • Converted the annotated list of web sites to MySQL/PHP
        • Revised the library home page and updated navigation.
        • Extended wireless access to most the the library, excluding the main stacks and the quite reading room.
    • Activities for 2005
        • Entered the Standardized Tests into the online catalog
        • Implemented off-campus access to non-NCLive databases through EZ-Proxy.
        • Implemented Moodle CMS
    • Activities for 2004
        • Upgrade the Library computer lab
        • Major rewrite of the Library web site.
    • Activities for 2003
        • Upgraded online catalog to Voyager 2001.2
        • Implemented a system of e-reserves
        • Upgraded technology in the Curriculum Material Center.
    • Activities for 2002
        • Implemented and electronic inventory system to work with the Voyager online catalog
        • Upgraded the OPAC stations
        • Revised the homepage to the online catalog to match the library's homepage.
        • Revised the annotated list of web sites to use a combination of static and dynamic asp pages.

Adjunct Instructor. (2002-2003)

Taught an introduction course to management information systems, variously labeled MIS 110 and CIS 110. The focus of this course was to present the fundamentals of management information systems and technology.

Reference/Systems Librarian. (1989-98)

Duties similar to those described but with more involvement in reference and less in library systems. Until 1995 had major responsibility for Reference and Collection Development when a new librarian was hired. Reference desk duty varied from fourteen to twenty-one hours per week. Other duties included bibliographic instruction and online searching. Bibliographic instruction was taken over by the new librarian in 1996. Online vendors included Ovid, Dialog, DataStar and EPIC. Online searching has been almost entirely been replaced by databases on CD-ROM or those offered by NC-LIVE. From 1989 to 1995 I also served as documents librarian for the Wingate's North Carolina Depository collection. Computer systems duties increased with the addition of the campus wide network in 1996, where I added network administration, postmaster and webmaster tasks. In addition to the systems duties described above, I had also been actively involved in migrating from OCLC First System to PRISM Service and in 1992 migrating the library's computer system from CISC to RISC architecture.

Reference/Serials Librarian. (1988/89)

Besides the reference duties described above, serials duties included control and development of the library's serials collection. During this time I the was project manager responsible for implementing the Inlex Integrated Library System and received the systems manager training in the MPE operating system with Hewlett Packard.


Bosworth Memorial Library

Lexington Theological LIbrary

Lexington, KY 40601

Graduate Assistant to the Librarian.

Duties included the MICROCON conversion project with OCLC, compiling a standing order union list for our local theological library consortium (TEAM-A), copy cataloging, and general aspects of theological librarianship. Also assisted in evaluating the library's holdings in missions and ecumenics.



University of Kentucky

College of Library and Information Science

Lexington, KY 40506-0030

Master of Science: Library Science, August 1988.

Concentration on library reference services and information systems. Special focus on services provided by academic libraries.


Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Louisville, KY 40205

Master of Divinity, May 1987.

Academic concentration in philosophy, systematic theology and church history. Field education included Clinical Pastoral Education, parish and agency work.


Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Deerfield, IL 60015

Master of Arts, Philosophy of Religion, June 1987

Concentration on metaphysics and history of philosophy. Thesis topic was an analysis of Alvin Plantinga's ontological argument.


Taylor University

Upland, IN 46989

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy of Religion, May 1981

Liberal arts study covering most of the offerings in philosophy and philosophy of religion.